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This is the place to learn about the brewery collectible hobby, how it started, why we do it and how you can too.
Learn a bit of beer can history while you're at it.


The BCCA was the first to publish a comprehensive volume that catalogued a significant number of beer cans, way back in 1975 with its inaugural softcover Guide to United States Beer Cans. At the time, we also published a black and white newsletter to our membership that was, well, literally a newsletter entitled BCCA News Report. (These publications are still available in limited supply from various sources: eBay, used-book stores, the BCCA Supply Shop and others).

Have a look at the fine quality publications now available to members and we think you'll agree you can't live without them. Join now to receive our roster and magazine, as well as a deep discount on USBC!


Beer Cans & Brewery Collectibles Magazine
Published bi-monthly. This full-color, high-quality magazine usually packs 48 pages per issue. Regular features include brewery histories, can close-ups, dumping adventures, collecting niches, and more. Each issue carries a number of regular columns too, such as Foreign and U.S. Brand Changes, classifieds, opinions, auction reports and chapter news.

Oct/Nov 2015

BCCA Magazine


Member Roster
Each year members receive an indispensable Roster that lists contact information for every member in the club, both alphabetically and by geography; complete chapter info and contacts; club bylaws; a Hall of Fame roll; an officer listing; past and future CANvention info; important club dates, and a whole lot more. All this information right at your fingertips is a networker's dream come true!

BCCA Membership Roster

United States Beer Cans
Thsse hardbound reference volumes contain photos and information for nearly 15,000 American beer cans. Cone tops, flat tops and pull tabs in all sizes, including quart cones and gallon cans are pictured and estimated values are given. Crystal clear photos of the best-condition cans available result in page after page of breathtaking rarities in top condition, and variations of more common cans in which even the pickiest variant freak can revel.

USBC Vol I (Flats and Cones) is available for just $47.50.
USBC Vol II (Tab Tops) is our latest (released December 2007) volume in the USBC series and is available for just $62.50. Order yours now!



Back issues and out-of-print pubs
As mentioned above, several out-of-print issues are available in limited supply. The BCCA Supply Shop offers back issues of the BCCA News Report in single-issue lots or by yearly volume. Check out the availability of the publication you're looking for.

Another popular item available in the Supply Shop is the Wople catalog. While not a BCCA publication per se, this is perhaps the most comprehensive list of American beer cans ever compiled (and was the list on which the USBC was based). It's a large text listing without photo reference, but many die-hard can collectors cannot live without it. It is, to our knowledge, only available through the BCCA. Check the Supply Shop for availability.

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