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Get in touch with us. You'll find our officers and other important contacts listed on this page, along with the address and phone numbers of our headquarters office.

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Mailing Address & Phone

Our headquarters are located in Fenton, MO. Office hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 9 am - 5 pm CST.

Brewery Collectibles Club of America
747 Merus Court
Fenton, MO 63026-2092

Telephone: 636-343-6486   Fax: 636-343-6436
2015 - 2016 Officers
Allan Aprea, President , BCCA #10480, Chatham, NJ (973) 635-6099
Tom Legeret, Vice President/Treasurer , BCCA #2179, Richland, MI (269) 731-2692
Charlie Smith, Secretary , BCCA #29978, Carlisle, PA (801) 710-5335

2015 - 2016 Board Members

Tom Fay, Immediate Past President, BCCA #3703, Godfrey, IL

(618) 792-4933

Cheryl Boyles, BCCA #30000, Kearney, MO

(816) 415-3834

Jerry Cole, BCCA #953, Phoenixville, PA

(484) 844-5813

Beer Dave Gausepohl, BCCA #22473, Florence, KY

(859) 750-4795

Greg Lenaghan, BCCA #16401, Springfield, IL

(217) 836-3983

Scott Manga, BCCA #23939, New City, NY

(845) 634-2626

Pat Porter, BCCA #28180, Elm Grove, WI

(262) 784-4393

Mark Rodgers, BCCA #27935, Lakewood, CO

(720) 963-9749

James Wolf, BCCA #16033, Easton, MD

(410) 822-6023

The Board of Directors has geographical responsibility for corresponding with chapters and members from their designated areas. This was developed as a method of improving communications between members, chapters and BCCA officers. If you or your chapter have suggestions, questions or concerns about the hobby or the BCCA, you are encouraged to write to your respective board member, who will be happy to represent you at the BCCA meetings.

Alabama Beer Dave Gausepohl New Hampshire Tom Fay
Alaska Beer Dave Gausepohl New Jersey Scott Manga
Arizona Mark Rodgers New Mexico Greg Lenaghan
Arkansas Cheryl Boyles New York Scott Manga
California Greg Lenaghan North Carolina James Wolf
Colorado Mark Rodgers North Dakota Pat Porter
Connecticut Scott Manga Ohio Beer Dave Gausepohl
Delaware James Wolf Oklahoma Cheryl Boyles
Florida Jerry Cole Oregon Mark Rodgers
Georgia Jerry Cole Pennsylvania Jerry Cole
Hawaii Beer Dave Gausepohl Rhode Island Scott Manga
Idaho Greg Lenaghan South Carolina James Wolf
Illinois Greg Lenaghan South Dakota Pat Porter
Indiana Cheryl Boyles Tennessee Jerry Cole
Iowa Tom Fay Texas Greg Lenaghan
Kansas Cheryl Boyles Utah Greg Lenaghan
Kentucky Beer Dave Gausepohl Vermont Scott Manga
Louisiana Beer Dave Gausepohl Virginia James Wolf
Maine Tom Fay Washington Mark Rodgers
Maryland James Wolf Washington D.C. James Wolf
Massachusetts Scott Manga West Virginia Jerry Cole
Michigan Tom Fay Wisconsin Pat Porter
Minnesota Pat Porter Wyoming Cheryl Boyles
Mississippi Beer Dave Gausepohl    
Missouri Tom Fay Canada Tom Fay
Montana Pat Porter International Mark Rodgers
Nebraska Pat Porter US Overseas Cheryl Boyles
Nevada Mark Rodgers At Large Jerry Cole

Committee Chairpersons

Advertising Mark Crane 302-827-2294
Audit Bill Boyles 816-415-3834
CANvention Beer Dave Gausepohl 859-750-4795
Chapters Tom Legeret 269-731-2692
Computer Mike England 515-965-2448
Corporate Memberships Greg Lenaghan   217-836-3983
Finance Jim Thole 636-227-2258
Gift Management Donald Roussin   314-434-6426
Golden Anniversary Doug Groth   937-554-9262
Hall of Fame/Can of the Year Patty Kious 618-346-2634
Historian/Librarian Kevin Kious 618-346-2634
Magazine Bob Lettenberger 920-532-6283
Marketing Tom Fay 618-792-4933
Membership Paula Fatura   248-486-1579
Nominating Joe Germino, Tom Fay 618-792-4933
Parliamentarian Bruce Gregg 816-763-6476
Product Development Bruce Gregg 816-763-6476
Roster Grace Fisgus 303-796-8566
Supplies Bette Fay   618-466-8560
Website Content Charlie Smith 801-710-5335
Worldwide Convention Mark Rodgers 720-963-9749

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